Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Gold Lace Crown

Today is my birthday! To celebrate the momentous occasion, I made a little gold crown fascinator. Sometimes it's good to be queen. For the days I feel down, or the days I just need a little more sparkle, I have my little crown to brighten the day.

I bought the lace at JoAnn's Etc. I liked the shape and the fact that it can be divided into 2 distinct layers. I made a second layer to strengthen the base and give it more dimension. It's also important to use water resistant Mod Podge. Otherwise, it will mix with the acrylic paint and just be a huge mess.

You need:
about 18" lace
needle and thread
sponge brush or paint brush
Mod Podge
wax paper
gold acrylic craft paint
a bobby pin (optional)

Start by cutting 2 pieces of lace that are the same length. Mine were around 8" each. I had a small swatch of lace leftover. You can trim the second piece to be the base of the crown.

Stitch each piece into a round with the needle and thread. Line up the decorative parts. It will hide the seam.

Fit the taller piece inside the shorter one and stitch them together around the base.

If it looks like this, you're doing it right. Try to line both of the seams up.

Over wax paper, coat the entire crown with a thin layer of Mod Podge. It should be enough that it will hold its form when you stand it upright. Try to avoid making any Mod Podge bubbles in the lace openings.

Let that puppy dry. Be sure it is in a nice circle while it dries. The Mod Podge will stiffen it and you won't be able to fix any weird bumps or lumps later.

Using a sponge brush or paint brush (I went with the paint brush so I could get inside the nooks and crannies.) Paint your crown gold. It may take a couple coats to get a nice finish and to get all of the holes.

Et voilĂ ! A little gold crown for the Queen of the Darling Apartment! At this point you could put a bobby pin through one of the holes on the bottom. You could tie it with elastic string, but I find a bobby pin far less intrusive.

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  1. This is adorable!! I will have to *hint*hint* to my mom about these for my "royal themed" bridal shower!!